We are a local West London band.

Dan & Naomi started a succession of music nights in their tiny loungeroom in Middle Row, W10, around 2008.

Dan is the only propah Londonder of the group. Dan loves composition and heavy rock. He is still trying to perfect dem reggae beats.

Naomi (aka Boss) is a Tongan-Aussie-Londoner who organises the band, and loves singing lead and harmony with her bro, Sim.

Sim moved to the area around 2009 from Australia. As he is blessed with super sonic hearing,  he leads the way for most of the music we cover.

Tito is Sim’s flatmate from Spain, who loves heavy rock solos and flamenco. Not together.

Carly is our South African keyboardist who keeps our energy high and injects a few pop influences into the group (against the boy’s wills of course).

We play for love, and for friends in our local area. However, we happily take donations toward the beer fund!