Fun @ Mau Mau Bar

Last weekend after band practice we decided to visit our local live music joint, Mau Mau Bar on Portobello Road.

The bar is very relaxed, and has an almost Cuban feel to it. The boys got to wind down with a good cocktail and a beer or two.

mau mau.JPG

Then, the bar declared that it was going to be a charity evening for the Grenfell Tower victims, with the price of entry being a tin of anything. So we called our friends who promptly arrived with beans, tuna and coconut milk.

The evening was hosted by the bar and a reggae collaboration called The Hard Way, who were simply AMAZING.

We danced, and danced some more to all the old classics. And somehow Naomi ended up on stage singing I Shot The Sheriff with a bass guitarist who was visiting from Turkey?!?

mau mau

Another awesome London evening.

Thanks Mau Mau.





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