Fun @ Moncada Brewery

After years of living in the postcode, a friend asked us, have we tried the Moncada Brewery in Middle Row.

WHAT?!?! How did we not know there was a craft brewery in our postcode for 6 dang years!?!

So we went.


It’s a functioning brewery, so it’s a little messy and cute and we like it. There’s seats upstairs in the bar which was gets a little warm (perfect for a winters’ eve!) and there’s also seating outside. Plus the beer is awesome. They pour around 6 different beers, with the Saison being our personal fave. They even let us order pizza’s!

At £4 a pint, you should just go right now. Except they are a little picky with their opening hours and days, so check their website first.

Or, come see us play there on the 09th Sept! It’s a ticketed event, so you will need to contact the organiser and book tickets here.

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